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Beware! Catalyst thieves! Fit Cat Clamp.

We’ve been alerted to a number of Catalytic Converter thefts in the local area. Catalysts are high value item on vehicles and have a correspondingly high value on the scrap metal market. The catalyst cell often includes precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. Check out this story from the BBC.

Help protect your vehicle from catalyst theft by fitting Cat Clamp




Cat Clamp works by physically attaching the catalyst to chassis of your vehicle with up to seven loops of aircraft grade, braided steel wire. This slows the thief down to such an extent that they will ignore Cat Clamped vehicle in favour of easier pickings.


Costs for this clamp are around £150 inc vat + fitting.

Costs for replacement of OEM only catalysts, such as Mercedes Sprinter and Toyota Hilux are in the region £1200 + vat. That doesn’t include fitting, lost work from having the vehicle of the road, hire vehicle cost and increased insurance premiums.

Can you afford not to?


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