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We are now stocking a comprehensive range of fuel additives from 10K Boost. Injector Cleaner, Catalyst Cleaner, Diesel Particulate Treatment, etc. Quick and convient solutions for smoother running.

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Ecoboost i3

I’ve just been catching up on the latest news about Ford’s new Ecoboost I3 engine. Like VW’s TSI engine, the Ecoboost I3 is a small displacement power plant  that  relies on forced induction to develop it’s power. That power equates to over 100bhp/ Litre. Pretty impressive. The size and weight of this thing is also impressive: 97kg and a footprint less than a sheet of A4 paper. With the imminent threat of  Euro 6 emissions legislation (due 1st of September 2014) sounding the death knell for diesel, this looks like the only credible way forward for the internal combustion engine in the mass market.  It certainly looks like the Focus will be around for a while, anyway. Great news for motor factors everywhere.

So inevitably, the discussion turns to performance over on Pistonheads, as it so often does. The thought of a 200bhp Caterham with a 97kg power plant is interesting to say the least. What’s really interesting is that it reinforces the idea of power to weight ratio in relation to overall efficiency. Are we going to see more and more lightweight composites replacing traditional steel in car chassis and body panels?  Will we now see a reduction in overall vehicle size, reversing the established trend? It certainly looks that way when you consider BMW’s electric i3 offering. Although the concept is pitched as a “city car” (obviously it couldn’t really be anything else with it’s 100 mile range and 6hr charge cycle) it looks like it could become the first notable consumer electric vehicle. The i3’s arrival and BMW’s massive marketing machine will no doubt have it’s influence on the consumer psyche, changing all our expectations of what a modern car “should” be.

In the meantime, before the New Electric Dawn, it’s great to see Ford bridging the gap with British talent.



Diesel intake cleaning @ ADS Preston.

Take a look at this video by Frank Massey and his team at Autoinform:

Diesel intake cleaning